Secure Messaging.

Unsocial Confidential

Corporations and individuals require the ability to communicate securely and privately without the fear of eavesdropping, interception, or unwanted exposure.

Security and Privacy

Cyber security threats are prevalent today, extending to both servers and mobile devices. Existing solutions rely on various means of transmitting software and keys over public networks, which can be intercepted. They rely on servers that are not in direct control of the customer, opening the possibility of a backdoor, and creating a significant, known target for attack. Customers need a solution that provides a private and secure messaging system that does not rely on trusting third party servers, cloud, or carrier/ISPs.

Why Choose Unsocial?

  • Private System
  • Closed Group
  • No Audit Trail
  • Security Beyond Commercial Products
  • Optional Hidden Version

Our System

Unsocial Confidential is a personal, high-end, executive security system for mobile communications.

Unsocial Confidential enables corporations, or individuals, to create a truly safe means to securely communicate with a small, defined group. We enable users to send text, voice messages, pictures, video, and documents from their mobile device without fear of having it intercepted, copied, subpoenaed, or forwarded by other members of the group. Our system was designed for government, enterprise or private organizations that demand a secure and private channel for communications. There is nothing available today that rivals the security of our Unsocial Confidential: Secure Mobile Messaging System.


Our system is a highly-secure, closed group of mobile devices, with the ability to send private texts, voice messages, documents, photos, video, and other data.


You own & control every aspect of the system. The Internet/carrier are only used as a transport vehicle. There are no third-party servers out of your control which you need to trust.


You own the server at your location or your co-lo. Encrypted data passes though your server, nothing is ever stored. There is no backdoor, and you can verify this by monitoring traffic in and out of your server.


The clients are secure, specially-provisioned mobile devices configured by you. The keys are loaded at the time of provisioning via cable: they are never transmitted in any fashion. The keys are not stored on your server, so only the clients can decipher their private messages.


All data on the client is encrypted, and all information transmitted is double-encrypted. The data is AES 256-bit encrypted on the devices and server, and is transmitted via an encrypted tunnel using 2048-bit SSL encryption.


There is no audit trail of messages sent or received. Messages are automatically deleted after a specified time, and devices can be locally or remotely wiped. The system is private in every aspect. It is neither an App Store app, nor cloud-based, but rather a complete system provisioned and controlled by you.

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