Our Story

Unsocial Confidential is a Secure Messaging System for mobile devices which provides individuals and corporations a truly safe means to communicate securely with a small, defined group — anywhere in the world. We enable users to send text, voice messages, pictures, video, and documents from their mobile device without fear of having it intercepted, copied, subpoenaed, or forwarded by other members of the group. Our system augments security/BYOD strategies, creating their own trusted private network in a public world. It was designed for government, enterprise, or private organizations that demand a secure and private channel for communications. Our system sets the new standard: no other commercially-available system offers a comparable level of security, camouflaged on a standard Smartphone, as our Unsocial Confidential: Secure Mobile Messaging System.

Why Secure Messaging?

Data breech is prevalent for businesses and consumers. You need to ask yourself: What are my costs and damages if my information leaks? Today, messaging is the most pervasive mobile app, with over eight trillion text messages sent annually. Proposed legislation requires carriers to retain your messages, making them vulnerable to viewing and subpoena. You need to protect your own data and take security into your own hands, protecting your communications from all third-party viewing. Secure communications is critical for many industries including: Corporate Offices; Financial; Healthcare; Legal; Military/Intelligence/Law Enforcement; Government/Politicians; and any industry that deals with sensitive information.

System Description

Unsocial Confidential is easy to deploy and use. Provisioning is performed in your own secure environment. foremost cryptography experts, it incorporates multiple layers of top-level encryption. Our system is built for secure communications only, and is not available in the app store — unlike other messaging apps; no software or private keys are ever transmitted over the public network. Nothing is stored on the client device, or on the server, making your communications unauditable, and you can emergency wipe devices both locally and remotely.

With Unsocial Confidential, — you control the system and the server at your location, and there is no third-party component on the internet, carrier, or cloud that could be monitored or have a secret backdoor. As part of our sales process we welcome you to evaluate the system at your location and verify its security. Unsocial supports a network of trusted regional and global partners that distribute and support our products.




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