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Unsocial Confidential is a Secure Messaging System for mobile devices which provides individuals and corporations a truly safe means to communicate securely with a small, defined group — anywhere in the world. We enable users to send text, voice messages, pictures, video, and documents from their mobile device without fear of having it intercepted, copied, subpoenaed, or forwarded by other members of the group. Our system augments security/BYOD strategies, creating their own trusted private network in a public world. It was designed for government, enterprise, or private organizations that demand a secure and private channel for communications. Our system sets the new standard: no other commercially-available system offers a comparable level of security, camouflaged on a standard Smartphone, as our Unsocial Confidential: Secure Mobile Messaging System.

Enterprise Grade Mobile Device Software

  • Security Beyond Commercially-Available Products
  • „Does not use device’s hardware encryption
  • „Private keys are never transmitted over carrier or internet
  • „Local Provisioning by customer via automated software

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Serverless Technology

  • You Own the System
  • „No third party
  • „Your hardware & location
  • „Your control

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Military Grade Encryption

  • Information double-encrypted
  • All data AES 256-bit encrypted on device and server
  • Communication via encrypted tunnel: 2048-bit SSL

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Optimized for Global Usage

  • Private network no matter your location
  • Available in any required language

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